About the programme.

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In a world that’s so fast and furious, exciting yet exhausting, never has there been more urgency in educating our children in how to manage and connect with their emotions. That's why we've developed the The WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence (DEI) Programme, specifically designed to build emotional intelligence and resilience in Australian children.

As teachers and educators, we all know that social and emotional intelligence is second to none in terms of health and happiness; as they say EQ > IQ in life!

Being able to recognise and embrace our emotions, as well as having parents, teachers and educators who can help navigate the rapidly changing 21st century is essential in making sure children can advance in all phases of educational growth. 

The uniqueness of this programme lies in its approach and flexibility; teachers can adapt virtually anything in the kit to suit the children’s needs and the space and time available – without the need for extensive in-service training. The programme even offers the potential to integrate many areas of the curriculum including literacy, music and the visual and performing arts, making learning inclusive, enticing and enjoyable.

Emotional well-being is the foundation for happiness and success in school and in life generally. The urgency of addressing children’s developing emotional needs is all too obvious to seasoned educators. Statistics indicate that 25.7% of children under 8 years suffer from anxiety and every educator is more than aware of the rising incidence of anger and aggression in children. What aren’t as obvious are the silent confidence sappers such as body dislike, self rejection, loneliness and social rejection.

Through 7 dedicated modules, educators can introduce and explore emotional constructs paired with a cuddly, lovable character.

“Children’s social and emotional well-being is fundamental to their happiness, academic progress and future success in life. From children who are ‘internalisers’ and plagued by anxiety and worry, through to the ‘externalisers’ whose behaviours all too often manifests in bullying and aggression, the need for educational tools to build emotional intelligence and resilience is clear.”
— Dr. John Irvine

The WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme is the only educational tool specifically designed to deal with the full gamut of both intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional development.

Using a team of fun and engaging plush toys, children are able to relate to the emotional challenges of each WorryWoos™ character.

WorryWoos™ Training Workshop

Dr John Irvine introduces the WorryWoos™ and provides a Training Workshop to support the implementation of the programme in schools and early childhood centres in an easy to view video.

Programme Outcomes

At the conclusion of this programme students should be able to perform the following:

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  • Practice personal and social skills to interact positively with others (ACPPS056, ACPPS019).

  • Identify and describe emotional responses people may experience in different situations (ACPPS020).

  • Identify and describe the emotions of people who are happy, sad, excited, tired, angry,scared or confused (ACPPS020).

  • Learn and use appropriate language and actions to communicate feelings in different situations (ACPPS020).

  • Recall and share emotional responses to different situations and represent this in a variety of ways (ACPPS020, ACPPS021).

  • Discuss connections between feelings, body reactions and body language (ACPPS056).

  • Read and view stories about adventures and talk about how characters feel and reach when taking risks.

  • Learn how to identify and manage their emotions.